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Although you live in Hawaii (Paradise), things are far less than heavenly in your married life, and after much thought and reflection, you want that to change- change for the better. “Divorce”, the very word brings a rush of emotions. Just thinking about the profound changes getting divorce will have on you, your spouse (soon to be ex-spouse), your children, other family members and friends, can be almost overwhelming. Yet, you’ve decided that this major decision cannot be put off any longer. You’re looking for a new life, less stress, less worry, a chance to move in a different direction. Yearly, divorces in Honolulu number in the thousands, in the entire State of Hawaii divorces number even more.

During this period of discomfort, you wonder what attorney you will be comfortable with to help you learn and understand the process of getting divorce. You wonder, what divorce lawyer will really listen to you explain your situation, your feelings, and your expectations, then fashion a legal strategy that will ensure that your rights are fully protected, that you’ll get a fair and reasonable child custody, visitation, child support, education support for our children, and, fair division of marital property (including the house, furniture, cars, etc. And, of course, another major concern for you when going through a divorce, is who will be responsible to pay the bills incurred during the marriage. If either spouse is in the military, there is the additional concern of what, if any, military spouse-retirement pay will you be entitled to receive in the divorce.

Unfortunately, if there is physical or emotion abuse taking place in the marriage, you’ll likely be concerned about whether you can get a temporary restraining order (TRO), or other protective order to assure your safety. During my 34 years of law practice, I have help thousands of clients answer these questions, and guided them through the entire process of getting divorced. By truly listening, caring and showing genuine sensitivity to the you and your problem, and by providing top quality legal advice, I helped you to feel more in control of your situation as they move into a new and better chapter in their life. I’m not only a Honolulu divorce lawyer, my law practice covers Honolulu and most other neighboring Hawaiian Islands.

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