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Most people really want to pay their debts when they are due, however, for some, it’s becoming harder and harder, causing increased stress, worry and sleepless nights. Are you feeling the ever increasing stress of not being able to pay your bills when due? Are you finding it harder and harder to keep up with your monthly bills? Do you feel overwhelmed by the irritating and annoying, constant stream of calls from your creditors or from debt-collectors? Are you facing wage garnishment, repossession of your car, or foreclosure on your home mortgage? Well, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider filing bankruptcy as a way to help you get a handle on your debts and bring your life more under your control. For many people like you, filing bankruptcy is the first step in getting rid of your debts, at least most of it, preventing your car from being repossessed, saving your home, and making a fresh, new start financially.

It’s natural for many of you to feel somewhat guilty about filing bankruptcy. However, don’t let that sense of guilt stop you from doing what’s practical—getting rid of those debts and making a new start. I can evaluate you financial situation and advise you if bankruptcy is right for you. Such an evaluation will help us decide whether there are suitable alternatives to filing bankruptcy, or, if not, whether a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is better for your financial situation.

Filing Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy make up the bulk of all bankruptcy filing--probably over 80 %. This kind of bankruptcy filing is primary designed for debtors seeking to get rid of most or all of their credit card debts, unsecured loans, and stop wage garnishments, etc.

Filing Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is primarily designed for debtors who want to pay off their debts, but are seeking more time to do so under a chapter 13 plan worked out and filed with the bankruptcy court for approval for approval by the chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee and the bankruptcy court. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often used to help debtors save their homes from foreclosure, and their cars from repossession by working out a payment plan to catch up on the delinquent portion of the debts

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You deserve a chance to get control over your debts, and to make a new start. The bankruptcy process help to ensure that you can gain that control in getting your finances in order. It does this by requiring you to obtain credit counseling, (an evaluation of your debts and expenses by an authorized credit counseling agency), and to further help you get back on your feet, the process also requires you to take a brief financial management course. Each course take about an hour, and both are very affordable, costing just a few dollars. I’ll explain the entire process to make sure that you fully understanding what you are required to do and how to do it. Over the last 34 years of representing people in bankruptcy, I have helped many hundreds of other debtors with your type of financial problems, get rid of their debts, save their homes, restructure or modify their mortgages, and reduce the financial and emotional stress of living under the enormous burden of a pile of debts. I am eager to help you. Let’s get started. Call or email me today for a free consultation.

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